Pubish your book

‘You’ve had an interesting life – you really ought to write a book’

Have you ever thought how true this statement is?
Perhaps this comment has already been made to you by friends or family. We certainly think it’s true.

Writing a book will give you greater pleasure and satisfaction than most of your many lifetime achievements. I can say this with confidence having being told so by those who have already accepted our invitation.

It is difficult to convey the pleasure and satisfaction that publishing your memoirs could bring you. I suppose it is best expressed by one of our authors. This is how Suzanne Kyrle-Pope, author of The Same Wife in Every Port described it.

What a glorious moment. To hold one’s book after so many months – years – of dreaming – and what a book! It has far exceeded my expectations.  I really can’t believe that my book has been a success. Thank you all for your faith in it and also for your continued backing in reprinting it.

The journey from a blank piece of paper to the kind of book described here is an exciting and unusual one in which we will guide you every inch of the way. We have all of the expertise required and will make sure that the experience is as memorable as the book itself.

In other words, we will make sure that the finished book is of exceptional calibre in every way. From the content itself to the typeface and page layout to the specially designed jacket, your book will be fit to grace any bookshelf. And you are safe in the knowledge that you have full control over all aspects of the book.

It is also an investment in your life. You have had an interesting life. You have achieved a great deal and this deserves to be shared with others. Now you have the opportunity of doing so.

I know that you will need to consider our invitation carefully. It is not a step to be taken without thought.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lynn Davidson

Managing Director