New titles

In the frantic run-up to Christmas, The Memoir Club has been working on many titles.

Cider and More Besides (£14.95)

is a thoughtful memoir of politics and business by Esmond Bulmer of the Bulmer cider family.

Barts and Beyond Looking for GOLD (£12.95)

Dr Michael Partington’s account of a career in medicine and genetics that spanned three continents, was published and well received by readers in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Lucky Genes (£12.95)

by Dr Jean Watkins was released at the same time and combines the family, personal and professional history of a well travelled GP.

And Nothing But The Truth (£7.99)

Mike Chandler’s dark, semi-fictionalised paints a thrilling picture of policing in Leeds in the 1960s.

Hang on Tight (£9.95)

by Sue Davies-Jenkins chronicles the author’s journey from school girl to governor at her beloved Christ’s Hospital.

From Bricks to Beans (£17.95)

by former Morrisons property boss Roger Owen. is for anyone interested in surveying and retail.

A Fortunate Apprentice (£18.50)

is a refreshing and irreverent take on the medical memoir by surgical neurologist John Shaw.
Local author Olga Rutherford Abrahams tells the remarkable story of her missionary work in the Far East in A Geordie in Japan (£9.95). Another religious title is The Improbable Bishop (£8.95), a biography of the late and much loved Bishop of Durham Ian Ramsey, written by acclaimed writer John S. Peart-Binns. Former Principal of Darlington college Peter R. Shuker’s take on the development of college education Half a Century of Further Education in England (£19.95) completes a trio of publications by local authors. Bunny Cole – An Oxford Man (£12.95) is a delightful biography of a decorated World War II soldier, solicitor, sports leader and family man written by his son Richard Cole. An Energetic Life (£12.99) is the autobiography of renowned energy economist Professor Peter R. Odell and will appeal to anyone with an interest in oil and global politics. The timely Economic Diplomat (£9.95) by Sir Nicholas Bayne covers world politics from an economic perspective.
All of these titles are available now and can be ordered by phone, email or on our website.