Here are a selection of the testimonials we have
from authors and readers of our books.

“I enjoyed this book greatly, and am so grateful that The Memoir Club exists to bring us the work of people as valuable and interesting as Chrstopher Rundle.”
John Simpson, BBC Correspondent

‘When you first wrote to me, you claimed in your letter that you produce books of the very highest quality. I must say that now that we have just seen the book which you have produced for us, you have been every bit as good as you r word and that you have fully justified that claim. We are thrilled and delighted with the superb quality.”
Sir Alex Smith, Author

‘In the long run, so lovingly put together by Dione, and The Memoir Club, is a memoir, and not a normal, commercialyy promoted biography”
Tim Dalyell, MP

‘More Ups Than Downs is beautifully produced and I am so glad David signed the copy the copy which will now resideĀ  in the library of Emmanuel College.”
Master professor J E Fowes Williams

‘Sir Brian Wyldebore-Smith’s memoirs reflect, as all good memoirs should, the author’s own character.”
Lady Margaret Thatcher

‘When I handled the book and studied the cover I was impressed by the quality and this was further confirmed by the pages, pictures and print within.”
Rear Admiral Geoffery Hall, Author